MultiMobile USB


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The MultiMobile™ USB portable USB modem provides V.92/56K data rates, V.34/33.6K fax capabilities and a hot-swappable USB interface. This globally approved analog modem, weighing in at 2 ounces, is ideal for mission-critical out-of-band remote servicing, fax and data applications. The MultiMobile USB portable modem can also serve as the mobile user's desktop modem back in the office.


Family Features

  • V.92/56K downloads (from V.92 servers) and 33.6K data rates for uploads or peer-to-peer transfers
  • V.44 compression improves data throughput rates
  • Class 1.0 and Class 2.1 faxing at speeds to V.34/33.6K bps (Super G3)
  • Error Correction Mode (ECM) provides fast and reliable fax transmissions
  • Small footprint (measures only 1 3 inches)
  • U.S. Caller ID reporting
  • LEDs show complete modem status
  • Remote configuration for centralized setup and management
  • Storage for two phone numbers for automatic dialing
  • Globally approved for use in many countries worldwide
  • Hot-swappable with other USB devices without ever restarting or reconfiguring your PC
  • Integrated USB cable simplifies setup and operation
  • Two-year warranty (First Year Supported in AUstralia)
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