If you have not filled in and sent the Warranty registration card that came with your modem, please click on  Register  to Register your Warranty with Multi-Tech Systems.

Warranties for Multitech Modems are as per the Manufacturers Terms & Conditions. For a full disclosure of their warranty statement please click on the link below.

Multitech Systems Manufacturers Warrenty Policy

Multitech Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian Import Distributor of their modems. As such we are responsible for the first 12 months warranty in Australia. That is to say that our responsibility is to send the units back to the US for repair. We cannot state nor guarantee any time period for the repair. However, Multitech Systems in the US does treat repairs to modems as a priority task and complete the jobs in as short as period possible.

If the unit is deemed by Multitech Systems to be damaged through external damage (power surges, lightening stirkes etc.) warranty is void. They will charge for repair and any costs for repair, shipping and handling will be charged to the user.

Any modems that have a manufacturers warranty beyond the one year warranty in Australia must be returned to the US by the end user. If the modem is deemed to be faulty please send an E-mail to the link below to verify fault and to receive ansupport-people RMA and shipping instructions

Multitech Systems Company Policy Returns

If you are having difficulties with installing, setup etc of the unit check out the Support page for Multitech Systems US.


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