ZDX Rack

External Device Rackmount Chassis

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The ZDXModemRack is a 19" rackmount chassis for use with the MultiModem┬® ZDX, MultiModem┬® ZBA, and MultiModem┬® ISDN (external models) products. The cage holds 12 Multi-Tech devices and has an integrated redundant power supply with universal input.

Suites: ZDX and ZBA external models

Family Features

  • Standard 19" equipment rack
  • 5.25" vertical height
  • Holds up to 12 MultiModem ZDX, MultiModem ZBA or MultiModem ISDN modems
  • Easy-in, easy-out - no disassembly of stand-alone modems
  • Distributes power from a single wall outlet to each device
  • Integrated redundancy power supply ensures power stability if one power circuit fails
  • Two-year Manufacturers Warranty ( First Year supported in Australia

For Details on Supported Warranty and Policies please Click Here

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