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MultiConnect® Conduit™ Accessories

For use with MultiConnect® ConduitTM Programmable Gateways

The ConduitTM LoRaTM Accessory Kits are ideal for use with the MultiConnect® ConduitTM platform. The Conduit LoRa Accessory Kits are designed to streamline ordering all products needed to operate a MultiConnect Conduit and connect it to a MultiConnect® mDotTM, eliminating the need to order each component individually. The accessory kit, together with a Conduit (sold separately), provides everything needed to create a Conduit LoRa proof of concept – quickly and simply – enabling you to bring LoRa solutions to market as fast as possible.

There are two versions of the Conduit LoRa Accessory Kits, one for 868 MHz applications and one for 915 MHz applications, designed for operation in the European Union and North American market places, respectively. Each requires the MultiConnect Conduit (available separately) for internet connectivity.

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