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MultiConnect® mCard™ Gateway Accessory Cards

Gateway Accessory Cards(MTAC Series)

MultiConnect® mCardTM gateway accessory cards provide the flexibility needed to manage a wide range of different wired and wireless interfaces and associated communication protocols required to connect sensors, appliances, and assets to the MultiConnect® ConduitTM programmable gateway.

Available options include a LoRaWANTM Ready mCard capable of supporting thousands of MultiConnect® mDotTM long range RF modules monitoring and controlling remote field assets.

mCard Options

  • Multi-Function Serial (both DTE and DCE variants)
  • General Purpose Input Output (GPIO)
  • LoRaWAN Long Range, Low Power Wireless Access Network


  • Increase operational capacity without incurring extra gateway cost
  • Published and open interface to enable 3rd parties to develop mCards that meet their own interface requirements
  • Future proof design concept to rapidly address emerging connectivity standards

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