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LoRa Evaluation and Site Survey Box w/GPS & Micro Dev Kit

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The MultiConnect® mDot™ Box is a portable, handheld LoRa® end-point device that simplifies and speeds up proof of concept development and is ideal for site surveys. Designed to assist OEMs & Enterprises quickly determine if LoRa is the right technology to solve key industrial IoT issues: how to effectively connect to, and manage, thousands of assets and sensors in the field to meet the cost, performance and strategic needs of the business. With the mDot Box, users can quickly obtain and evaluate data to see how LoRa technology performs at any given location or in their unique IoT application. Very easy to use, the mDot Box enables users to make data driven decisions about the fit of LoRa for their use cases without the need for heavy configuration or embedded design skills.

The mDot Box features the MultiConnect® mDot™, a low cost programmable LoRaWAN™ ready module in a handheld case, battery operated with an LCD screen for displaying menu and device navigation information as well as network, test mode, GPS and sensor status data. Two push button controls are also included providing menu navigation functions and two LEDs for displaying network and GPS status. The mDot Box also has several built in sensors including temperature, ambient light, pressure, electrical current and a 3-Axis accelerometer. It comes standard with GPS to enable site survey and location-based proof of concept testing. This versatile device can be used purely as a communications device or programmed with a custom application using the integrated ARM® mbed Enabled™ programmable MultiConnect mDot. The mDot Box was developed to work with any LoRaWAN compliant gateway, including MultiTech’s MultiConnect® Conduit™, the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway.


  • LCD screen displays menu options, test mode data as well as sensor data
  • GPS enabled for highly accurate location-based site surveys
  • CFlexibility to operate with any LoRaWAN 1.0.1 compliant gateway
  • Supports the European 868 MHz and North America/AU 915 MHz ISM bands


  • Quickly and easily perform LoRa site surveys with the mobile mDot Box
  • Measure LoRa distance and building penetration performance for line of sight or urban/obstructed use cases
  • User friendly LoRa evaluation tool –no heavy configuration or embedded design skills needed
  • View LoRa site survey data your way – in the Cloud, on the gateway or export directly to your laptop

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